Mesotherapy #Hair Growth #Hair fall remedy

Mesotherapy #Hair Growth #Hair fall remedy

What is Mesotherapy ?

Mesotherapy is the combination of essential vitamins and minerals. It is considered an excellent option for Hair Loss and Hair Fall.  A pharmaceutical product is infused on the scalp with the help of micro needles .

And mostly, Mesotherapy is given in conjunction to PRP which is a classic Hair Fall therapy. So, that if there is any deficiency in the blood platelets, it can be made up with the alternate therapy of Mesotherapy. This is given to the scalp. Hence, Mesotherapy provides the scalp a rich supply of nutrients. This will  make the roots stronger and improve hair growth. Mesotherapy will also reduce active Hair Fall.

When should one take a Mesotherapy ?

Mesotherapy is useful in the following stages of Hair Fall 

Telogen effluvium i.e when the hair fall is temporary and mainly occurs after a period of stress, shock or some trauma. In this, the hair fall happens from the top of the scalp and the individual feels the hair is becoming thinner.

Male Pattern Hair Fall i.e when the men experience that the hair line is becoming erratic and the hair is thinning. They also experience hair fall from the crown area. In Male Pattern baldness, you see an M pattern of Baldness.

Female pattern hair loss i.e when the females feel that the hair parting is becoming wider. Also, the hair is thinning on the top of the scalp and vertex. This is accompanied by hair falling out in bunches.

Seborrheic dermatitis i.e stubborn dandruff, red patches, itchiness and dry scalp. This is fungal suffocation and infection on the scalp. And this leads to Hair Fall and Hair Loss.

Hair damaged by sunlight and pollution for people who spend more time in the sun for sports or any other activity. Sweating also leads to Hair Fall and Hair Loss.


 How is Mesotherapy done?

Firstly, topical anesthesia in the form of a spray is applied on the scalp. The application of topical anaesthesia is totally painless. It is equivalent to applying water in a spray from.

The scalp is then covered with a cap to avoid oxidation of the anaesthesia . After 30 mins the scalp feels numb. Now the Meso is infused on to the scalp with the help of a Mesotherapy gun which has microneedling effect.

Q. How many sittings are required to see improvement / results ?

Depending upon the severity of the above condition 5-7 sessions may be required. The sittings are spaced out at 10-12 days each. Mostly the sessions are also complimented with home care of medical lotion application. Also, some oral medication which may be prescribed by the dermatologist doctor

Q: Is Mesotherapy painful ?

No, Mesotherapy is a Non Surgical procedure and done under local spray anaesthesia so its not painful. Some discomfort can be felt and its bearable.

Q: What is after care of the Mesotherapy session ?

Avoid direct sunlight exposure, bending forward and hair wash for two days for the Meso to soak in the scalp and the epidermal layer of the skin to healMesotherapy for Hair Fall