Hair Building Products

Hair Building Products

When you have Hair fall problem it is very important to use the right product on your scalp which will stimulate the hair follicles and prevent further damage. Hair Transplanters has 4 signature products to control hair loss and prevent hair damage.

1. Gentle Hair Cleanser – the cleanser will clean your scalp gently without disturbing the natural PH balance and can be used regularly without any side effects.

2. Scalp Nourishing Oil – The oil has the extracts of plants and is pure and concentrated to be used on the scalp to give the scalp the nourishment so that to avoid further hair fall.

3. Hair Growth Serum – This is a daily use serum which can be applied on the scalp to prevent further hair fall and it will protect the hair from sun and pollution damage and will control frizz. With this serum you can style your hair in the manner that you desire.

4. Hair Building Fiber – If you have thin hair then the hair building fiber is an excellent product to add volume to thin and fine hair. The fiber will help to build the hair so that they look dense in appearance and can be styled in any manner. The hair building fiber is available in 4 shades and can chosen according to the tint shade of the hair. A self guiding style book is provided complimentary with the Hair Fiber.

5. Protective Hair Mask – The protective hair mask can be used as an after shampoo hair conditioner for dry hair. The mask will provide a layer of conditioning on the hair and provide moisture so that the hair becomes smooth and silky.