What is laser hair transplantation? Do you use laser in your procedure?

No, we don’t use laser.

In laser hair transplantation, laser is used to transplant hair. The procedure generates heat and destroys body tissues. Insertion of follicles becomes tough in it because they are not of the same size. Further, heat produced during the creation of the site decreases the blood supply in follicles, and therefore, the results are often poor.

Will people find out that I had a hair transplant?

Some scabs are formed on the scalp after the hair transplant. There will be redness visible on the scalp too. However, scabs and redness will wither away on their own within 7 to 10 days, and after that your hair will look as natural as they could.

How does hair transplant work?

During hair transplant procedure, hairs are first extracted from the regions of the head that show resistance to baldness. After that, these resistant strands are implanted on the bald patches seen on the scalp. The process works because hair taken from the areas with resistance to baldness will remain resistant to baldness wherever they are placed. Hair transplant gives natural and permanent results.