Regular Hair Check and Hair Transplant Education Camps

It is very important for a Hair Loss client to have proper education and knowledge of the Hair Transplant procedure and other Hair Restoration and Hair Replacement options available. Hence Hair Transplanters is regularly engaging in camps and activities which educate the appearance conscious clients of the various options available suited to Individual needs. Through such camps we reach out the people and discuss about Hair Fall and Hair Loss and tell them the difference between Hair Fall and Hair Loss and hence they are guided to the best possible solution which will cater to their stage of baldness or Hair Loss. The clients are made to understand the expectation from the treatment and how many sittings would be required for a hair fall treatment. They are told the different techniques of Hair Transplant like FUE Hair Transplant technique and Implanter Pen Hair Transplant technique which are the current stitchless, scarless and pain free techniques available in the clinics. The hair growth pattern is explained to the client so that they know exactly what procedure is being performed on them and why. Thereby spreading complete awareness and knowledge of Hair fall and Hair loss treatments available. Sometimes a client may have some medical condition or phobia of a clinical procedure so in that case the client is explained about the Hair Patch which is a Non Surgical method of restoring the Head Full of Hair for the client. Then the client is invited for a detailed scalp analysis and check by a MD or Mch doctor in the Clinic to help them discuss again with the doctor and take a decision regarding their Hair Fall concern. Hair check Camp Hair check camp Hair awareness camp

Spreading awareness and knowledge of Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Treatments

When the client has decided for Hair Transplant there are many factors which need to be explained to the client like the Medical parameters, the shape of the Hair line and the before and after care of a Hair Transplant procedure. Once all this is explained, the client is eager and happy to trust the Medical Counsellor, Doctor and the team to go forward with the Hair Loss Treatment in Clinic. He is generally taking leave from office and his work schedule to take the Hair Transplant so that he can get the FUE Transplant in one day and next day he can relax at home without any tension to go to work. The client is fit and active to resume his daily schedule from the 3rd of the Transplant as the post procedure guidelines do not require any bed rest. He can continue with lot of fluids and healthy diet along with doctors prescription on antibiotics. Then after about two weeks of Hair Transplant the shedding phase will begin and by 3 months as the roots will undergo Anagen, Catagen, Telogen stage and then even out and start growing all together. The complete density is achieved in about one year and the client’s appearance is 100% changed and now he can enjoy a Head Full of Hair and complete confidence when he will look at himself in the mirror each time