Cost Calculator

Cost Calculator

Know the cost of your Hair Transplant with our Clinic. Clear your doubts, if you are afraid of the High Cost.

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This is a very common question as to how much will my Hair Transplant cost and what is the TOTAL amount i need to pay. The cost of Hair Transplant completely depends on the requirement of grafts in that area .

A stage 2 hair loss may require 2500 grafts for maximum density and the package cost will be starting 30k and a stage 6 hair loss may require maximum grafts to cover the whole head and the package cost may go upto 75k.

A stage 7 hair loss client will be considered a weak donor and there will not be enough grafts on the backside of the head that can be extracted and planted and will not give the desired result so in such a case we may recommend a Cosmetic Hair Patch for full density