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How do i select the best Hair Transplant Centre?

Choose a Nearby clinic 

This is the question in the minds of most men seeking treatment for baldness. In todays time – Time is very important factor before considering a nearby clinic.

An ideal way is to look for a nearby clinic or hospital which also provides the best in class Hair Loss and Hair Fall treatments including Hair Transplant is; ofcourse to Google the options and make a call to the numbers of the clinic which you feel are near you and ask for important information such as the treatment offered, cost of treatment, time slots available and general information on the past clientele and credibility of the treatment options.Hair Transplant Nearby

This will help you assess the credibility of the Hair Transplant clinic near you and give you the location advantage so that you can save time and money in travelling long distance for a Hair Loss treatment. If a nearby clinic has all the advantages ready for you, in that case you need not consider another option.

You can visit easily if you have any post procedure discomfort

Also because the PRP and Mesotherapies are repetitive in nature and require therapy after a fortnight or 10 days. Hence, a nearby clinic can serve the advantage of nearby and greatly reduce the stress of travelling long distance. Another benefit of choosing a nearby clinic is the post procedure follow is handy. Any problem you face you can simply go to the clinic and solve out. It is much easier. You can go and show the doctor for any allergic reaction or emergency. Hence a nearby clinic is highly recommended to reduce the stress of taking a Hair Transplant procedure and being relaxed and free minded. It is in the best economic and comfort interest. For, the client to look for a nearby clinic for Hair Loss and Hair Transplant procedure.


Important Questions before a #Hair Transplant # Hair Loss Treatment


important questions


Before you start planning for a Hair Transplant do your research and make a proper choice


1. Which is the best clinic for Hair Transplant ?  A

nd will the doctor evaluate and give me options to restore a head full of hair ? What is the qualification and experience of the clinic in treating Hair Loss patients ?

2. If i decide to go ahead with Hair Transplant, who will be performing my procedure? Their experience, qualification and knowledge in this field? 

3. Is my Hair Transplant covered by insurance?

4. Which are the options for Hair Transplant? Difference between FUT and FUE technique of Hair Transplant ? What is Robotic Hair Transplant ?

Difference between FUE and FUT 

5. It is important to know that both FUT technique and FUE results in scars. There is no such thing as “scarless” surgery in hair transplantation. Beware of false and exaggerated advertising claims related to hair restoration surgery such as “scarless surgery” or the claim that the surgery can be completely performed by a robotic machine.

FUT makes a linear scar and FUE leaves behind a pin point scar. This is because any incision whether by machine or hand that enters the skin beyond the most superficial layer of the scalp leaves behind a mark after the surgery. 

Robotic Hair Transplant

Robotic or a machine is more of a comfort tool for the doctor to perform a Hair Transplant and is not capable of doing the surgery all by itself. 

6. A hair transplant session will take how much time ? Many times more number of grafts implantation require multiple sessions. The client should seek clarity that how many sessions would the procedure require. A Mega session can take upto 2 consecutive days for implantation.

7. How obvious will it look that i have a Hair Transplant ? Its very important to understand that how natural will the Hair Transplant look ? So the objective of Hair Transplant is not only Hair growth but also the naturalness in the results.

8. What is the total cost involved in my Hair Transplant?

It is important to know the total cost involved in the Hair Transplant procedure. The cost will involve pre procedure blood investigations, post procedure medicines, prp growth factor therapy etc. Some clinics cover all the cost as a part of the package. So, its important to know the inclusions.

9. Is Hair Transplant procedure painful? Its important to understand the pain and anaesthesia which will numb the pain. Also, relate the same to your pain threshold. Some clients have needle phobia and drug allergies. But, its important to discuss the same with your doctor who will be performing the Hair Transplant

10. So make a list of questions you need to ask and understand all answers before going for a Hair Transplant. Also,seek guidance relating to your particular condition of baldness

Keep your questions ready ?

important questions before hairtransplant

Mesotherapy #Hair Growth #Hair fall remedy

What is Mesotherapy ?

Mesotherapy is the combination of essential vitamins and minerals. It is considered an excellent option for Hair Loss and Hair Fall.  A pharmaceutical product is infused on the scalp with the help of micro needles .

And mostly, Mesotherapy is given in conjunction to PRP which is a classic Hair Fall therapy. So, that if there is any deficiency in the blood platelets, it can be made up with the alternate therapy of Mesotherapy. This is given to the scalp. Hence, Mesotherapy provides the scalp a rich supply of nutrients. This will  make the roots stronger and improve hair growth. Mesotherapy will also reduce active Hair Fall.

When should one take a Mesotherapy ?

Mesotherapy is useful in the following stages of Hair Fall 

Telogen effluvium i.e when the hair fall is temporary and mainly occurs after a period of stress, shock or some trauma. In this, the hair fall happens from the top of the scalp and the individual feels the hair is becoming thinner.

Male Pattern Hair Fall i.e when the men experience that the hair line is becoming erratic and the hair is thinning. They also experience hair fall from the crown area. In Male Pattern baldness, you see an M pattern of Baldness.

Female pattern hair loss i.e when the females feel that the hair parting is becoming wider. Also, the hair is thinning on the top of the scalp and vertex. This is accompanied by hair falling out in bunches.

Seborrheic dermatitis i.e stubborn dandruff, red patches, itchiness and dry scalp. This is fungal suffocation and infection on the scalp. And this leads to Hair Fall and Hair Loss.

Hair damaged by sunlight and pollution for people who spend more time in the sun for sports or any other activity. Sweating also leads to Hair Fall and Hair Loss.


 How is Mesotherapy done?

Firstly, topical anesthesia in the form of a spray is applied on the scalp. The application of topical anaesthesia is totally painless. It is equivalent to applying water in a spray from.

The scalp is then covered with a cap to avoid oxidation of the anaesthesia . After 30 mins the scalp feels numb. Now the Meso is infused on to the scalp with the help of a Mesotherapy gun which has microneedling effect.

Q. How many sittings are required to see improvement / results ?

Depending upon the severity of the above condition 5-7 sessions may be required. The sittings are spaced out at 10-12 days each. Mostly the sessions are also complimented with home care of medical lotion application. Also, some oral medication which may be prescribed by the dermatologist doctor

Q: Is Mesotherapy painful ?

No, Mesotherapy is a Non Surgical procedure and done under local spray anaesthesia so its not painful. Some discomfort can be felt and its bearable.

Q: What is after care of the Mesotherapy session ?

Avoid direct sunlight exposure, bending forward and hair wash for two days for the Meso to soak in the scalp and the epidermal layer of the skin to healMesotherapy for Hair Fall


The anxiety and worry of #Hair Fall #Hair Loss # Best Hair loss solution

Androgenic Alopecia 

Often when the hair fall is triggered, few hair strands fall each time. This creates a subtle concern which we normally don’t take too seriously. Sometimes we feel its normal and just don’t pay much attention. Other times we feel it will stop on its own. Also we assume hair fall must be because of our body’s response to daily stress, lack of sleep or nutrition. Often we overlook, and gradually the hair fall leads to baldness which is also called Androgenic Alopecia in men. Androgenic Alopecia is a normal male pattern baldness in other words. This condition is irreversible and slowly progressive.

The next mistake most young guys make is consult the doctor too late. Visit to the doctor is paid when the baldness level has progressed to Norwood Scale 1 or 2. Men also self diagnose Hair Transplant as a remedy for themselves. Guys, let me mention to you its a wrong approach completely and Hair Transplant is not the only solution to Hair Fall.

Hair Transplant 

Hair transplant is usually considered for the area of the scalp which has gone smooth and shiny. Also, its wise for the 30+ age group to consider Hair Transplant. This is  because by then the hormonal changes may settle. And the age is ripe enough for a surgical procedure which will restore good looks for the coming 10-15 years.

Non Surgical Hair Restoration

However, for the young boys in the age group of 20-30, Hair Transplant is not an option and they invite that stage for themselves by not consulting the right doctor to give them expert opinion. For guys who are in their twenties, saving natural hair is a much sought after advise then just going in for Hair Transplant at a young age. Saving Natural Hair for the simple reason that Natural is precious and priceless. So saving Natural Hair and having more dense and fuller hair options are available. So through this blog its a humble request to all men and guys having Hair fall to understand that they can save natural hair with medication and therapy.

What is DHT ?

Generally, the doctor prescribes one DHT blocker medicine, one vaso dilator for application. Alongwith, this to make the treatment intenselyresult oriented the doctor will also include PRP i.e Platelet rich Plasma Therapy and Mesotherapy. The therapy is a doctor led procedure and done at a gap of 10-15 days usually. The good news is that you will start to see visible changes after two months of the therapy.

By the end of 6 sessions almost all roots will grow hair, the fine hair would become thick and the roots become stronger. Not only this even the length of the hair grows faster because the DHT is now disintegrated and the hair is getting proper blood supply and nutrition. So, people before you conclude Hair Transplant is the only cure to Hair Fall understand that there are other options avaialble. Therefore, please consult your doctor timely and save your Natural Hair when you are young.
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Lets talk about Hair

Hair Transplant, Hair loss and a Hair Transplant Clinic. Since child birth to growing years to all our life, hair has been always an integral and important part of appearance and  we often talk about Hair. We talk how we should keep them styled and maintain them. The moment a child is born everybody talks about the baby’s hair density, hair colour etc. The mother ofcourse starts losing hair post child birth and hence she too worries about the same. In some traditions the child’s first head shave is a celebration while another tradition the moment the child’s hair are long enough to tie together its time for celebration again. So all in all, its the Hair that we talk about from fringes to bob cuts. Men are all the more obsessed with hair styling. You can see all of the man creativity in the way he styles his hair. Talk about the hairstyles men grow, range from undercuts, cool, pampadour, quiff, to just a simple style. Hair is the most important feature to determine a man’s looks. hair talk .When a man starts to loose hair he feels lack of confidence inside. He may pretend all is fine on the outer but he definitely feels a bit depressed when he looks at himself in the mirror. A hairstyle is a signature of a mans personality and hair fall affects them largely as the appearance starts to look very mature suddenly. The hair fall starts gradually and fastens in no time to leave the scalp bald. Hence, its imperative to understand that DHT a by product of a male hormone testosterone plays a vital role in scalp balding. Therefore many factors contribute to male balding some of them are stress, pollution, change in water or climate, pollution, change in eating or sleeping patterns, ageing, heredity, side effects of any medication, chronic illness or just like that. But thanks to modern science that now many surgical and non surgical solutions are available for hair loss. Its always advisable to choose a good doctor for Hair Transplant. A doctor who understands your aesthetic needs and medical history. Its recommended to get a Hair Transplant from experienced and reputed institute after understanding the background. Therefore, men can now be assured that there is a definite treatment available for hair loss and hair fall and they should contact the expert source to get a treatment for balding.hair talk blog

Hair Loss or Hair Fall – Know the Difference

How to handle your Hair Loss and Hair Fall Problem ?

First of all it is important to know the difference between Hair Loss and Hair Fall. Hair Loss is a permanent loss of the hair from the scalp where the roots are no longer present and the scalp appears smooth and shiny. However, Hair Fall is a temporary stage where the hair follicle may have reached the Telogen Effluvium stage where the Hair may fall from the scalp to regrow again. The better approach is to consult a doctor when the Hair Fall exceeds more than 100 strands a day for longer than 30 days. This means there could be some underlying condition which has triggered the Hair Fall like stress, side effect of some medication, chronic illness, change in water and climatic condition, seasonal change, ageing, heredity, pollution, or some sudden illness like malaria, dengue etc. The first trigger of above related factors is that the hair goes into Telogen stage and falls off. Then the new hair which is already forming beneath will begin to sprout and grow. So Hair Fall is different from Hair Loss and hence needs a different set of treatment as per condition. Usually men start to lose hair from the top of the Head or the vertex area because of the congestion caused by DHT (di – hydrotestosterone)
Hair Loss
There are several Non Surgical procedures to tackle Hair Fall in the Intial Stages of Hair Loss but an advanced stage of Hair Loss can only be solved with a Hair Transplant Procedure. There are different methods available to Hair Transplant like FUT, FUE, Implanter Pen Transplant, Robotic Transplant. The different varients basically justify the graft harvesting and implantation process which determines efficacy, pain, sutures, healing and ultimately growth of hair follicles in a client

“Dont be embarrassed because of Hair Loss, There are many solutions available”

Since the time of evolution Hair has been considered a major factor in determining appearance, age and appeal. History is evident that women always supported long hair and men always had a head full of Hair and a Beard to feel and look like MEN. But Modern day life stress, pollution, side effects of medication, change in water and climatic conditions has affected the hair of men largely and men can be seen balding at a very young age. Thankfully, to counter the same there are plenty clinical and cosmetic solutions available for Hair Fall and Hair loss. When the hair are just falling out and thinning that means the individual is at an early stage of Hair Loss so a treatment called PRP is advisable. However, when the scalp becomes smooth and shiny that is a stage where the hair roots are not present and only Hair Transplant can grow natural hair from the clients own donor area. There are about 1 lac hair follicles in the scalp and if a few thousand are extracted and the density is redistributed the client have the desired results of a head full of hair. Hair Transplant is the only solution to have naturally growing hair. In cases where the client is having hair fall due to stress, chronic illness, or due to excessive travelling and improper diet and sleeping patters Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy i.e PRP is a very effective natural treatment to arrest hair fall and make the weak hair roots strong. In PRP the rich Plasma are derived from the clients own blood and with the help of a micro needle its put back into the scalp. The client may require upto 3-5 sittings to notice any change and strenthening and growth of Hair on the scalp. So clearly hair loss, hair fall and hair thinning should not embarrass anyone because there is a solution for every stage of Hair Loss. So put a smile back on your face 🙂