Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplant 

A Beard and a moustache is a symbol of manliness on the face of a man. Men always want to style their beard in different ways. They like to change the  Beard and moustache trimming style from time to time. A thick beard and stubble enhances the face appeal of a man. It makes him look more handsome. But sometimes due to growth hormones insufficiency at the time of puberty or heredity the Beard does not grow thick enough and is scanty. In this case  men are not able to style the beard. They are forced to be

clean shaven because the beard is not thick and proper. They dont look handsome. 

How Beard Transplant is done

At Hair Transplanters we offer state of the art Beard Transplant. In another words it is also called Body Hair Transplant or  Facial Hair Transplant. This transplant will help men achieve a thick Beard and a prickly stubble. The Beard transplant is done through FUE method. In this method, roots from the backside of the head are extracted and planted in the Beard area to give natural hair regrowth. The Beard surgery is performed by experienced doctors to provide 100% natural results. The transplanted Beard grows like natural Beard. Transplanted Beard can be styled, trimmed and maintained like your own natural Beard. Even the moustache can be made dense. It can be recreated as well.

How many grafts are required for Moustache Transplant ?

A moustache transplant can require upto 700-1000 grafts. A Beard Transplant can require upto 2000-3000 grafts. For Beard and moustache Transplant it will depend whether you require filling for density or a complete transplant. The transplanted Beard will start growing after 3 months. This is because the hair goes through 3 stages i.e Anagen, Catagen and Telogen and the complete growth stage of all the roots can be achieved after 3 months only.

How long does the Beard Transplant take?

The surgery takes just one day and is done under local anaesthesia. After the surgery the client needs to follow a liquid diet until scab formation. He should  avoid too much facial expression. This is because the skin on the cheeks should not move too much. This precaution is recommended for faster healing. The newly planted roots need to settle in and start sprouting. The cost of Beard and moustache transplant varies from how many grafts are required

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