The anxiety and worry of #Hair Fall #Hair Loss # Best Hair loss solution

Androgenic Alopecia 

Often when the hair fall is triggered, few hair strands fall each time. This creates a subtle concern which we normally don’t take too seriously. Sometimes we feel its normal and just don’t pay much attention. Other times we feel it will stop on its own. Also we assume hair fall must be because of our body’s response to daily stress, lack of sleep or nutrition. Often we overlook, and gradually the hair fall leads to baldness which is also called Androgenic Alopecia in men. Androgenic Alopecia is a normal male pattern baldness in other words. This condition is irreversible and slowly progressive.

The next mistake most young guys make is consult the doctor too late. Visit to the doctor is paid when the baldness level has progressed to Norwood Scale 1 or 2. Men also self diagnose Hair Transplant as a remedy for themselves. Guys, let me mention to you its a wrong approach completely and Hair Transplant is not the only solution to Hair Fall.

Hair Transplant 

Hair transplant is usually considered for the area of the scalp which has gone smooth and shiny. Also, its wise for the 30+ age group to consider Hair Transplant. This is  because by then the hormonal changes may settle. And the age is ripe enough for a surgical procedure which will restore good looks for the coming 10-15 years.

Non Surgical Hair Restoration

However, for the young boys in the age group of 20-30, Hair Transplant is not an option and they invite that stage for themselves by not consulting the right doctor to give them expert opinion. For guys who are in their twenties, saving natural hair is a much sought after advise then just going in for Hair Transplant at a young age. Saving Natural Hair for the simple reason that Natural is precious and priceless. So saving Natural Hair and having more dense and fuller hair options are available. So through this blog its a humble request to all men and guys having Hair fall to understand that they can save natural hair with medication and therapy.

What is DHT ?

Generally, the doctor prescribes one DHT blocker medicine, one vaso dilator for application. Alongwith, this to make the treatment intenselyresult oriented the doctor will also include PRP i.e Platelet rich Plasma Therapy and Mesotherapy. The therapy is a doctor led procedure and done at a gap of 10-15 days usually. The good news is that you will start to see visible changes after two months of the therapy.

By the end of 6 sessions almost all roots will grow hair, the fine hair would become thick and the roots become stronger. Not only this even the length of the hair grows faster because the DHT is now disintegrated and the hair is getting proper blood supply and nutrition. So, people before you conclude Hair Transplant is the only cure to Hair Fall understand that there are other options avaialble. Therefore, please consult your doctor timely and save your Natural Hair when you are young.
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