Hair Loss or Hair Fall – Know the Difference

How to handle your Hair Loss and Hair Fall Problem ?

First of all it is important to know the difference between Hair Loss and Hair Fall. Hair Loss is a permanent loss of the hair from the scalp where the roots are no longer present and the scalp appears smooth and shiny. However, Hair Fall is a temporary stage where the hair follicle may have reached the Telogen Effluvium stage where the Hair may fall from the scalp to regrow again. The better approach is to consult a doctor when the Hair Fall exceeds more than 100 strands a day for longer than 30 days. This means there could be some underlying condition which has triggered the Hair Fall like stress, side effect of some medication, chronic illness, change in water and climatic condition, seasonal change, ageing, heredity, pollution, or some sudden illness like malaria, dengue etc. The first trigger of above related factors is that the hair goes into Telogen stage and falls off. Then the new hair which is already forming beneath will begin to sprout and grow. So Hair Fall is different from Hair Loss and hence needs a different set of treatment as per condition. Usually men start to lose hair from the top of the Head or the vertex area because of the congestion caused by DHT (di – hydrotestosterone)
Hair Loss
There are several Non Surgical procedures to tackle Hair Fall in the Intial Stages of Hair Loss but an advanced stage of Hair Loss can only be solved with a Hair Transplant Procedure. There are different methods available to Hair Transplant like FUT, FUE, Implanter Pen Transplant, Robotic Transplant. The different varients basically justify the graft harvesting and implantation process which determines efficacy, pain, sutures, healing and ultimately growth of hair follicles in a client