“Dont be embarrassed because of Hair Loss, There are many solutions available”

Since the time of evolution Hair has been considered a major factor in determining appearance, age and appeal. History is evident that women always supported long hair and men always had a head full of Hair and a Beard to feel and look like MEN. But Modern day life stress, pollution, side effects of medication, change in water and climatic conditions has affected the hair of men largely and men can be seen balding at a very young age. Thankfully, to counter the same there are plenty clinical and cosmetic solutions available for Hair Fall and Hair loss. When the hair are just falling out and thinning that means the individual is at an early stage of Hair Loss so a treatment called PRP is advisable. However, when the scalp becomes smooth and shiny that is a stage where the hair roots are not present and only Hair Transplant can grow natural hair from the clients own donor area. There are about 1 lac hair follicles in the scalp and if a few thousand are extracted and the density is redistributed the client have the desired results of a head full of hair. Hair Transplant is the only solution to have naturally growing hair. In cases where the client is having hair fall due to stress, chronic illness, or due to excessive travelling and improper diet and sleeping patters Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy i.e PRP is a very effective natural treatment to arrest hair fall and make the weak hair roots strong. In PRP the rich Plasma are derived from the clients own blood and with the help of a micro needle its put back into the scalp. The client may require upto 3-5 sittings to notice any change and strenthening and growth of Hair on the scalp. So clearly hair loss, hair fall and hair thinning should not embarrass anyone because there is a solution for every stage of Hair Loss. So put a smile back on your face 🙂